The 12 days of Christmas ends with the great feast of Epihany or Theophania (God appears). The faithful appreciate the customs of Epiphany, especially in receiving the blessed holy water. The events are remembered on 3 days. The eve of Theophania, 5 of January, Theophania Baptism of Christ, 6 January and feast day of St John the Baptist 7 of January.


Theophania celebrates God’s first public revelation of the identity of Jesus, the manifestation of the Godhead as three persons (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.) Christ baptism and beginning of Christ public ministry.

During the service the Holy Spirit is invoked to sanctify the waterand the cross is dipped into it three times, symbolic of Christ own immersion into the Jordan river.

Parishioners then come to the front of the church to be blessed by the priest, some people receive holy water which they take home to have throughout the year in times of need.


It is customary to invite your “favorite” priest to bless your home with holy water within a few weeks following Theophania. Prepare by cleaning the house, as he will go to each room and sprinkle it, to exorcising evil spirits. Please leave your details at the church and be patient he will get around to you

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