The Church stands ready to assist and console in a time of loss by offering funeral services for the deceased and counselling for the family to aid with the grieving process.

When a loved one passes at home immediately contact the appropriate emergency services.

When a loved one passes in a hospital, or some other medical facility, the attending staff of that facility will handle the necessary medical services.

In either case, please notify us as soon as possible, both for offering prayers and to co-ordinate the Trisagion and Funeral service.

The Funeral Service emphasises the reality of death and the next dimension of life. During this service we pray for the forgiveness of sins and for the repose of our loved one’s soul.

Once the Service is completed the entombment (burial) takes place at the cemetery usually followed by a wake.


When do the Trisagion services take place?

The Trisagion services take place on:

  • the day of the death,

  • three days after the death and

  • nine days after the death.


What do I need to prepare for the Funeral Service?

You will need to prepare a bowl of koliva and a bottle of olive oil mixed with wine for the funeral service. We can assist you with these preparations, if required, please contact us.


Does the Church allow cremation?

The Church does not allow cremation since it is a deliberate attack on the integrity of the body, which is created in the image and likeness of God. The tradition of the Orthodox faith is to bury our loved ones. There are however exceptions to the rule. In extreme cases where cremation is unavoidable, the funeral service will be conducted only with permission from the Archdiocese however a sermon will not be given and neither will the priest accompany the deceased to the crematorium.


Please Note: Effective as of the 1st of July 2022, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia has issued standardised pricing for all sacraments. The below is valid across all parishes and communities under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

Funeral Certificate for the Holy Archdiocese$250
For the church$300
For the priest$200
For the chanter$100
For the altar assistant$50
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